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2012-06-16 15:04
Worm Puncher announced!
Let's introduce me the newest reiti.net game for your android phone and tablet!

Worms are overwhelming your phone and they are really evil, they want you to crack your screen, so they appear overall there.

Just go ahead and punch them right in their face so they fall down and you get rid of them.

But don't miss them, you will crack your screen and they will laugh at you.

Worm Puncher will be released very soon for Android Devices - and yes! It will be free.

Dn't miss it and stay tuned!
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2 RESPONSES TO "Worm Puncher announced!":
2013-06-23 18:00

answered by reiti.net:

Hi There!
2012-06-16 22:40
He he he he he he :-) sounds brilliant and hilarious!! :-D looking forward to it :-)

answered by reiti.net:

Release is under way ;-)
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