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2012-04-29 00:03
Developer Greetings
Hi Volks!

I think, I should give some life sights because there was no recent update. That is because Robo Miner visited me over here and we had a nice time!

We've taken some pics. Robo Miner loves the sea and also beautiful cars, so I invited him. He was mining some moutains over here too, so we got some new valleys - quite nice, isn't it? :-)

No, to be honest - I am working currently on the new blocks I recently announced. These new blocks will be granite and lava! I want to tell you a little bit about them, so you have something to look forward.

I would also love to hear your opinions about it, because this change will make the deeper mines much harder to master and they will get much, much more dangerous.

So for granite. Granite is quite strong, so you can't dig it .. and even if you want to blow it up, you need 2 pieces of dynamite. The first one will only make it crack and the second one will then blow it up.

Lava is quite different.. Sure you cannot dig it, because your drill will melt. I am not sure about if the Robo will be able to walk on lava, but maybe he can. But lava is much more trickier... If there is a change in pressure - so a stone falls on it, or it falls down - it will explode (like a small dynamite). This will lead to some chain reactions when there is much lava around - not the savest place for a little robot!

The main reason, why this update needs a good amount of time is simply, that these chain reaction needs a little bit of computing power, so I have to change some fundamentals in the game logic to make it run smoothly on most of the devices.

Also, the falling logic can now be much more scattered and asyncronous .. so .. yea, I am working on it ;-)

I personally try the game on my Samsung Galaxy Ace and also on my Asus Transformer TF101. I cannot guaranty that the game will also run on much smaller or older devices. There is the hardware restriction of some devices, and many other things - if you are already in a very deep mine, you know, that the game can lag sometimes, when there is much to do.

Fortunately, I also improved the overall performance of some drawings, so in exchange to more gameplay you will maybe get also better performance .. you may .. ;-)

I hope you all have a good time playing Robo Miner and please! Don't stop sending me suggestions, I would also really appreciate if some of you give me some feedback about the new blocks, so they do not spoil the gameplay.
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3 RESPONSES TO "Developer Greetings":
2012-04-30 14:40
Well that was a fast answer then :D I know that you can refill the parachutes at the ufo but when you are longer down and have no ladders you can get them refilled by a [?] and why shouldnt the same happen with parachutes? :)

answered by

ah, you meant the question fields - well, indeed, that could be helpful :-)
2012-04-30 14:34
I got another suggestion: Some kind of storage box on the in the Ufo where you can safely deposit dynamit and scanner because i wouldnt use 50 dynamites in 1 run and when i die all are gone :( If you would just be able to sell them for half the price that would be fine too.

answered by

Indeed, with the next update the deeper mines gets much more dangerous, so I am thinking about such a mechanism as well .. the selling thing should be easy to implement, maybe I'll add that
2012-04-30 14:31
I already posted something on the last patch (the 9 points) but you did not answer :( Anyway i just want to say that parachutes should be refilled by [?] blocks either just like ladders and support pillars :) and for me the game itself works fine just loading and saving takes around 10 seconds already and the instant button when you climb is taking 1 second when i go from the very top to the very bottom of the mine :D i am in level 29 and i have the samsung galaxy young :)

answered by

ah sorry, I've missed your comment, will answer it immediatly ;-)
Parachutes gets refilled at the ufo (like ladders/pillars) - you can upgrade it to carry more of them.
During development, I am playing on lvel 40 .. loading/climbing times are much worse - unfortunately I can't do anything about loading/saving, I may speed up climbing but prefer adding some new feature like a beamer in the future :-)
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