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2012-04-02 17:03
Update v1.4.4
There it is - a new update was just released!

There are some changes here, let's start at the top:


Yes, you can now upgrade your robot with parachutes!! The upgrade is available at your UFO, with every Level of this Upgrade you can carry 1 more parachute - they will be refilled automatically everytime you come back to your UFO.
You can use the parachute when falling down a chasm - there will appear a new button on the right, which you have to touch. If you touch that button, the parachute will pop out and you can slowly land on the ground.

Right underneath your energy bar you will see a new Element. It shows you how many parachutes you can use. They refill when you visit your UFO (if you have purchased the upgrade)

Diamond and Scanner

The Diamond is now much more scattered around the bottom of each mine. The deeper as the mine is, the more scattered is the position of the diamond! So you have to seek more of the mine to find the diamond!

You can purchase a Diamond Scanner at the UFO - it will appear in your inventory. When you use it, it will point you in the direction of the diamond. Very useful, but expensive!

Watch the time...

I got a mail from a user who wished to have a clock, so he can see what time it is - well, now there is a clock in the lower left corner in the main menu, which shows the current time :-)

Stay a little longer..

When you have found the diamond, you can decide to stay in the current mine for a little longer!
So, when delivered the diamond to the UFO, the Robo asks if you want to proceed to the next mine.
If you decide to STAY, you will find a button on the left side, when you are on the top of the mine where you can manuelly proceed to the next mine.

So feel free, to stay longer and discover more of the mine :-)

conquering bad savegames

It was still happening, that users lost their savegames - that happens, when the game was interupted during saving.

From now on, if you use your SD Slot - the game will be saved to a temporary file first. Only if that was completed successfully, the savegame will be "overwritten". So even in the worst case, when saving was interupted you have still the "old" savegame available which is much better than starting from zero.

I really hope you enjoy the new feature, and I hope even more, that you will write me a message, if anything does not work as expected, as you all know, I'll fix it as soon as possible :-)
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2 RESPONSES TO "Update v1.4.4":
2012-04-13 09:23
Hi. If you like translate the robo-miner on russian - send me text on e-mail.

answered by

unfortunately, russian uses different letters, which is technically problematic in different ways :-(
2012-04-11 07:36
Great game. I discovered recently that the robot gets killed on an automatic saved game (it seems so). This happened already two times. Do you know this "bug"?

answered by

no, sorry, I don't know anything about it - also I have no clue why that could happen ..
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