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2012-02-28 19:42
Robo Miner @google moderator
Robo Miner is available for voting since nearly 3 weeks now.

You can propose your app there and people can vote for it. So I gave it a try, and sended a link to some friends, to get some inital votes.

Robo Miner was doing quite well the first days, but didnt come into the top five because it gets some bad votes :-)

It was very suspicious, that I was getting 1 bad vote with every new app added to google moderator - quite nice, so most of them (not all) put their app online and voted every other app bad - haha

Waht they didn't know was, when you dont reach the top 5 - your proposal is available in the next week. So Robo Miner started to be in the Top 5 at the next week xD Quite nice!

Now, google moderator gots some more attention and more apps get submitted .. so Robo Miner gets even more bad votes - I think Robo Miner will be there for a long time :-)

To be honest, I guessed that this will happen, so I have not sent more links to more people to farm votes. It's just not my way.
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