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<< Robo Miner for Windows Phone 8!
PC Release scheduled! PRE-ORDER! >>
2013-11-26 00:24
Robo Miner for PC - Available NOW!
From now on, you can play Robo Miner on your PC (Win/Linux/Mac)!

Jump over to an get your copy of Robo Miner today!

Happy Robo Mining!!
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Robo Miner
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6 RESPONSES TO "Robo Miner for PC - Available NOW!":
2021-04-28 18:07
can you repost list of ore in the game agian please
2015-02-22 22:07
Hi, can you make robominer for Blackberry devices. I change old android phone to new BB Passport . Robominer is best game :)
2014-04-09 18:30
Thanks for replying :)!
2014-04-07 12:43
i had a phone with adroid system , i discovered this perfect and cute game with my HTC .. But then i had to change my phone and i bought a iphone , and then search but i couldn't find my best game in app store unfortune :( when will you make an app for the iphones? At the end i will buy a android system phone Again!:( Please give me some information about this, and please make iphone version of the game please please please :(

answered by

Unfortunately, apple is a bit restrictive, they don't support java and I would have to rewrite the whole game and I would have to buy a mac computer to do so.

But don't say never - maybe I find a way to do it easier, then it will come to iPhone as well :-)
2014-01-31 04:45
Any chance of producing this for Blackberry Playbook?

answered by

mmh .. not so sure about that, if it is somehow compatible for developing it would be possible. I'll give it a look
2013-12-17 04:08
I very love this game but since i change for apple i can't play anymore so can you please made it for apple too

answered by

Sorry, apple would need to rewrite the whole game in a different language without any security that the game will be accepted on the app store. Too much risk ;-)
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