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2013-10-31 22:01
Everyone is waiting
Everyone is waiting for the release, I know. I do wait also :-)

Steam will not be successful at the moment, Robo Miner is just not popular enough, to get the needed votes. But already 4000 ppl want to see Robo Miner on Steam.

So the next step is, to send our game to the folks at Desura - which also is a very popular, indie-friendly game store - and look if they will give Robo Miner a chance to get on a big store.

This will need a little bit of time, also for getting the release ready. But the stone has started rolling, and so it is just a matter of time until Robo Miner will be out.

In the meantime I also investigated different other possibilities to deploy the game. One of it is the Humble Store (which is inofficial) - and last but not least the option to distribute myself and accepting paypal only.

You see, there are so many things going on, but you folks, will get Robo Miner on your desktop. The one or the other way. That is for sure!

Keep Digging! :-)
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