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2013-10-29 22:48
Wanna check the demo?
Alright Mining Fans!

The first version of the Robo Miner PC DEMO is ready to download.

The main reason for the demo is that you (and me) can see if the PC Version will run everywhere - as soon as people tell met hat it is running everywhere, there will be the ful version go his way to release.

So, this first demo is not the best in terms of usability, so you have to care for having JAVA installed.

You can do that by visiting:

After you have installed java, you can download the demo version (which is a jar file) directly from this site:

or from IndiDB:

In either case, you get a jar file, which you just need to double click or open. This will only work if you have installed JAVA before.

Please let me know if you have any issues with the demo so I can fix it. Thank you very much!
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2 RESPONSES TO "Wanna check the demo?":
2013-11-19 15:12
Colin Reid
Thank you for releasing a Demo version of Robo Miner for the PC.
I have been playing the Android version of Robo Miner for quite a while and am currently at 2200 blocs deep.
(Nearly lost all my data when I upgraded my phone last month and thought I had to start all over again but managed to copy the save data file over to the new phone thank goodness :)
I am using Windows XP on a old model Toshiba Labtop running Intel Centrino Duo.
After playing the PC version for a few minutes I would comment as follows.
All the words in any pop up bubble box appearing on the screen are all chopped up and missing most of their letters making it impossible to understand what is being said.
The general playability of the game looks great on the PC screen but I had to experiment to understand how to control Robo Miner, I had thought that the arrow keys would be usable but I got there in the end.
I hope the above comment's are helpful in some way as I am great fan of Robo Miner and would love to purchase a Full PC version when it becomes available.

I would also like to thank you for such a great Android Game App and wish you success in all your future endeavors.


answered by

Hi Colin and thank you very much for your feedback - it helps me a lot in finding errors - feedback was the ultimate reason to release a demo, so everyone can check that it works before spending any money on it.

It is sometimes very hard to determine any problems, especially, when it comes to driver issues.

The arrow keys should actually work, I wonder that there are issues with it - I also will post different how-tos on desura so everyone will get all the needed information about controls.

I may fire up another XP machine to do some testing, maybe I can reproduce your problem.
2013-10-30 09:48
Funktioniert bei mir alles perfekt,
ich bin bereit für die Vollversion damit ich endlich Graben kann!
Also her damit!

answered by

Ist unterwegs - Ende November kann jeder auch am PC los graben!
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