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2013-10-27 18:19
PC Version coming!
There is currently and finally a stable PC Version ready! WUha!!

So this version should run on Windows, Linux and Mac. I am not so sure hwo I will distribute it.

The PC Version was made in respect to bigger screens and nearly full keyboard Support. So you should have a good experience and it will not feel like a ported mobile game (hopefully).

Gameplay will be the same as you know it from your phone/tablet.

I decided to make the PC Version completely ad-free. That will mean, that you can buy it for some bucks and enjoy the whole fun without getting distracted by advertisement. Hopefully, the Robo Miner Fans are ok with that :-)

What do you think and are there any suggestions you want to see in the PC Version?
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1 RESPONSES TO "PC Version coming!":
2013-10-28 19:39
We want the PC version!!!!!

answered by

You are welcome! PC Version is scheduled for end of november 2013 - get ready to dig the hell out of your PC!
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