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2017-06-01 11:24
Robo Miner for iOS
Robo Miner is now available for all iOS devices. Play Robo Miner on your iPhone, your iPad or even your iPod Touch! The Original Robo Miner game was finally ported to iOS and is freshly available i [...]

2015-06-15 16:47
Robo Miner WASD Keys
Initially Robo Miner for PC was made to use the Arrow Keys only. Right at the start of Robo Miner being released on Steam for Windows PCs Players said, they would like to play the games with the WASD [...]

2015-06-15 16:45
Robo Miner Fullscreen Mode
Robo Miner for PC features a true Fullscreen Mode. To toggle between Fullscreen and Windows Mode just press F11 during playing. This was added to the Steam Version of Robo Miner during it's firs [...]

2015-06-15 15:55
Robo Miner is now on STEAM
You can now play Robo Miner on your PC and to do so you can now get it on STEAM There is actually a discount currently available for release, so if you be fast in getting [...]

2014-12-25 14:46
Robo Miner for Windows Phone 8!
Hi Folks and merry christmas! Robo Miner is now also available for your Windows Phone 8! You'll get the classic game to play for free on your windows phone 8! Go here and check it out: http:/ [...]

2013-11-26 00:24
Robo Miner for PC - Available NOW!
From now on, you can play Robo Miner on your PC (Win/Linux/Mac)! Jump over to an get your copy of Robo Miner today! Happy Robo Mining!! [...]

2013-11-14 01:48
PC Release scheduled! PRE-ORDER!
Another good news for all you fellow Robo Miners! PC Release is scheduled for 29th of November 2013! Robo is very excited to visit your PC. Min [...]

2013-11-06 23:21
Good News! (PC Version)
We finally have contact to Desura talking about further steps, plans and possibilities. The Desura Page of Robo Miner is live - but there is no download yet, so do not search for it :-) I hope e [...]

2013-10-31 22:01
Everyone is waiting
Everyone is waiting for the release, I know. I do wait also :-) Steam will not be successful at the moment, Robo Miner is just not popular enough, to get the needed votes. But already 4000 ppl want [...]

2013-10-29 22:48
Wanna check the demo?
Alright Mining Fans! The first version of the Robo Miner PC DEMO is ready to download. The main reason for the demo is that you (and me) can see if the PC Version will run everywhere - as soon a [...]

2013-10-27 18:19
PC Version coming!
There is currently and finally a stable PC Version ready! WUha!! So this version should run on Windows, Linux and Mac. I am not so sure hwo I will distribute it. The PC Version was made in respe [...]

2013-01-17 15:28
Update v1.4.12
A new update was just released to your flavour :-) 1.4.11 was just a bugfix update, so it was not further mentioned here, but 1.4.12 does contain some minor changes: First of all, there was some [...]

2013-01-04 13:00
Robo Miner On Steam?
Hi Folks and fellow players! New year and new opportunities. Because in the last year I got more and more questions about Robo Miner on PC I decided to give it a try and submit the Game to Steam Gr [...]

2012-07-30 00:28
Update v1.4.10
There were some comments about a missing diamond .. I was still not able to reproduce that behaviour, but I have built in an extra safety layer, so it is just not possible to be without a diamond - ev [...]

2012-07-28 22:22
Diamond missing?
Hm .. I read 2 or 3 times that a player has no diamond in his mine. Unfortunately, they did not contact me directly, so I was not able to check if it is true, so I tried every possiblity to get the [...]

2012-07-10 13:16
Update v1.4.9
Another minor update was released yesterday, some of you should already get an update on their phones :-) There are no big changes in this release but hopefully some helpful. In the first the ga [...]

2012-07-03 19:22
Half A Million Downloads
Today was the day, where Robo Miner hit the 500.000 download mark at google play store! At this point I want to thank all the downloaders and hope they had (and have) a good time playing Robo Miner [...]

2012-07-03 15:12
Comment reaction to michael
It is time for another comment reaction! Unfortunately - as some of you know - it is not possible to eact on comments (google play) directly. I heard, google will enable this feature in the futu [...]

2012-06-01 15:09
Bugfix Update v1.4.8
There was a very annoying bug in the last update - caused by the changes in memory consumption - so if you saved your game with the new version and loaded it again all ores were gone. DO NOT SAVE A [...]

2012-06-01 00:51
Update v.1.4.7
The next udate is out! After some days of getting some feedback on the new blocks a new update brings you the ability to play the game the classic way too ;-) So everytime, when you start a new [...]

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