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2012-06-05 18:31
Android Report 05/2012
Hi Folks!

It is time for the next developer report about android developing.
In this post, I will tell you something about the last month.

Right in the beginning of this post I have to say, that there were nothing really special. The numbers were ranging the whole month without any big peeks.

Beside that, I had some time to care for the next updates and that was most of what happened that month (and still happens). I will split up the number talking in a little bit gossip and for every of my games, so it hopefully comes a bit more natural to read and also I have to practice my english xD

Also for the first time I will also talk about revenue, so other developers can get an insight without calculating for themselves. Players on the other side may get a little insight in what work is involved to make and maintain a game and that someone will not get rich with it xD

After the ending hype of the month before, I decided to give Robo Miner some new updates, some of you may have recognized, that there were new blocks introduced. I was hoping to give Robo Miner a little bit more depth.
After the release there was some players who didn't like the new blocks but was forced to play with them. They were right, so later I released another update where players can now chooseif they want or want not to play with the new blocks.

So most of the work of the last months was building up this new update and also doing some improvements on memory usage and overall performance.

All those updates didn't change very much on the actual numbers, so Robo Miner was generating 1000 downloads per day very steadily and around 100-120.000 impressions per day. That left Robo Miner with a revenue of 80-100$ per day, depending on the quality of ads. All other numbers stayed nearly the same, so still a CTR of ~2.5% and a nervous eCPM of admob.

Just to remember you, when Robo Miner peaked out, it gathered a max of 12.000 installs per day!

So I also invested time in doing some more things for the popularity of Robo Miner and also searching for more possibilites to communicate with actual players to get more insight in what they like and what not.

So I set up a Fan Page and a Fan Group on Facebook, where already some people joined, I hope for much more! :-)

At the end of the month I come up with another idea in advertisement inside Robo Miner and the update for that is already released. I will stop auto-refresh and make it manually for 10 min refresh time. Also players can now choose to close the ad! So if they are annoyed or it is not interesting for them, they can close it. There comes another ad after 10 mintues and so on - I will write another article on that subject in the next days hopefully :-)

I also started to upgrade Minesweeper: Unlimited! this time. Beside implementing Online Highscores I also put up a Fan Page for it and decided to try another ad network for evaluating. I decided for MoPub and do some mediation with them. So I signed up for many ad networks, installed them with MoPub and integrated that in Minesweeper: Unlimited!
It is now running since some days and I am no unsatisfied with it. Works well. Also Support seems to be very good, they react very fast and in a very friendly manner trying to help you with any problem (I just wrote them about new networks).
Implementation is very easy, but I got my problems understanding how their mediation works - but in the end I got everything right.

The Online Highscores is my own system on my oen server. I do not wnt to add any more permissions in my games or annoy users with logins or other things, the different ready-to-go-systems may produce. I wanted a simple system, so I wrote my own and will integrate it in my other games also.

Minesweeper: Unlimited! has a very steady Impression rate of ~1000 Impressions per day with a low CTR and therefore not very much revenue.
To make it clear, since the start of the year, Minesweeper: Unlimited! produced under 40$ overall revenue, which I believe is a regular revenue for a non-popular app.

I redesigned my ad implentation also for that game and have to watch it over the next month to see if anything had changed. Also I need to spread it out a little bit more and try to make it more popular. I play this game very often by myself in situations where I have to wait for something, so I think it is a good game and people would like it :-)

I now come to a problem with my paid apps, like the ad-free version of Minesweeper: Unlimited!
Problem is, that I would need to integrate all the different Licensing Systems for the different markets or spare them at all. Which is bad - really heavy work without any real benefit for me.
I am thinking of droping these paid versions at all or at least stop upgrading them.
Unfortunately, some of the stores (like AndroidPit) does not allow to remove an app - that is one more reason to NOT recommend AndroidPit because the dev can do nearly nothing after publishing. That is better solved with other markets where the dev has more control over his apps.

I didn't have changed anything with my other games so far, so there is nothing to tell, revenue is still less than Minesweeper: Unlimited.

I also signed up with distimo, which is a sort of analytics system, which can track all your apps over different stores and gives you an overview. That is kinda helpful but I am not sure if it works really well - it seems, that it misses data from getjar sometimes and also does not always get the reviews of some stores (like amazon) .. but it is still helpful the keep the overview of your apps.

So yes, I think that's it for the last month, feel free to post a comment if you have any further question. I would be glad to answer it
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3 RESPONSES TO "Android Report 05/2012":
2012-06-09 20:59
In my comment when I said leadbolt, I did not mean the push ads, I meant app icon ads from from leadbolt.

What is good about it ?
It downloaded once in life time, so when user install the app, the app icon will be created at home screen once, then user can remove it if they want, when they play the game again, it wont be created again.

Superp EPC?
You will make amazing money from it and users wont leave bad comments/rating about it, beacuse it stays till users remove it.

Both of you, will be thanking me, when you add +$1500 your montly revenue stream. :)

answered by

Do you mean the AppWall from Leadbolt? I have that in one of my apps. You are right, they are working nice and also they are an additional income stream beside banner ads.
So if someone wants to integrate a "more apps" Button (like I did) or something similiar leadbolt could be a good partner. Integration is very simple (just a webview). Just remember, that they do not pay for click, they pay for install.
For Robo Miner I have different plans but I may integrate the AppWall in the one or other app - nevertheless for me (personally) it feels a little bit cheap.
Thanks for your comment anyway!
2012-06-09 14:07
Nice report Reiti, your success is inspiring. My app has half your request per day but generates between $70-80 on admob, 1.5mil req per month with around $2200 revenue.. so you obviously could be getting more for your requests. I wouldn't recommend leadbolt, airpush type ads, you might squeeze more revenue but you have a great game, their type of advertising will tarnish its image. If you haven't already looked there are income reports on and he uses MoPub, although I think his revenue has dropped over the past few months. I found a refresh rate of around 30-45 seconds to be the most profitable, I get that people may gain interest if the ad sticks around for a prolonged period but from my experience if the ad hasn't initially attracted their attention, it's not going to over time.

As for your app description, do you have an idea of what keywords your app lists for through search? I built my user base targeting specific keywords, not through merit of my app being exceptionally good. With your apps exposure, reviews, shares and rating it shouldn't be hard to rank for certain phrases, for example "robot game" seems to be a well searched term given the results but robo miner doesn't appear although it's stats exceed the current listings, you could add

"We hope you enjoy playing our fun robot game as much as we did making it"


"stay tuned for more updates for our awesome robot game"

somewhere in your app description and see where it gets you. Like the web, search terms generate a large amount of traffic rather than relying on other means of promotion. Have you also auto translated your apps description? The translation might not be exact but I'm sure the concept will be understood regardless of language barrier.

Did you code your own game platform for robo miner? What's your back end server built on? Also how do you stay so motivated? I see you do this on the side and earn more from your job, is that also development? :)

answered by

Hi and thanks for your comment it inspires me to make some more articles about various subjects.

I have not talked about it yet, but I am currently playing around with ads very much. I still integrated MoPub in 2 of my games and collecting experiences with it. I like MoPub very much. I will not use push ads, I do not find them userfriendly.

In Robo Miner I am trying different things, for example I raised the refresh time currently to 10 minutes. The CTR doubled but the revenue was only slightly less. I want to know for sure if a better CTR leads to higher CPC - after 1 week CPC has not changed.

Thanks for the tips with the keywords - I know their importants and how they work, but I lack the imagination about finding them xD Will try to improve it even more - great tipp from you.

I have not auto translated - it would look so ugly. I speak english, german and a bit of spanish, maybe I will hire a translator for more languages but ingame I do not have every Letter, so I need to stick with regular languages.

Robo Miner uses libgdx for various reasons but mainly the core functionality. For performance reasons I normally create very specialized classes for different tasks. I am generally do prefer writing everything by myself.

Motivation comes from the players mainly - I like to create games, that are fun (or grab ideas and improve them) - I always did. Also I am a bit of workaholic, coding all the time different things. I am Software Developer for multiple platforms as my main job, so yes my life some sort of consists of coding since I got my first computer which was an Amiga 500 xD
2012-06-05 21:20
You have great reports, programming skills and considerable amount of creativity. However, obviously you have very very poor marketing/revenue making skills. You should have tried each ad networks.

I have made a scanner app, 20 days ago, I have only 800 Total Installs in 20 days and I make steady $20 dollar each day and I experinced this with Leadbolt (I tried admob, tapjoy, inneractive and so on).

You have imperssive install rate and all this gets wasted. I think you should think about Leadbolt.

answered by

I am currently trying (and also already using) different ad networks and have already signed up with most of them.
It is not that easy to say, that any distinct network will always perform best.
Especially Leadbolt delivers a mix from CPA and CPC ads which I don't like.
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