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2012-05-06 15:47
Android Report 04/2012
Hi Folks and welcome to my fourth report on my Android Experiences.

The last month was by far not as good as the month before, which had 2 main reasons:

First of all, exactly on 1st of april the CPC dropped heavily - I think there were some good campaigns running out so there was a lack of high cost ads.

Over the last month the daily impressions were constantly decreasing and it looks like that it remained on around 120k daily impressions for Robo Miner (remember, there were over 300k the month before).

The reason is, that germany has peaked out in new installs and start falling down rapidly - I think everyone was playing Robo Miner over many weeks and at some point get bored about it. This will happen with nearly every game sooner or later I fear.
Currently I am trying to get new features ready which will hopefully keep the players playing longer.

Before I proceed, here are the numbers for april - these are for ALL my apps, remember, that almost all of it is made by Robo Miner


eCPM: 0.82
Impressions: ~6 million
CTR: 2.98%

The eCPM was very unsteady over the whole month, after dropping massively on the 1st of april (dropped to 50%) it jumps between 0.72 and 0.93. So I think there where many short campaigns around and not many long term campaigns.

The Impressions where falling from 300k/day to around 130k/day at the end of the month.

The CTR is very stable and gives no appropriate numbers, that is normal so far, and just relies on the quality of the ads - as you guess, the quality was not that good like the month before. This reflects in lower CPC and also lower CTR.

There were 3 clicks on madvertise and 6 clicks on leadbolt - both of them are not worth to mention at all :-)

Let's take a look on the download and install numbers.

slideme does not generate downloads any more - don't know why, but there is nothing to tell.

google play store statistics does not give me very good information which I can write down here.. but with some calculating, I end up with ~50.000 installations in april on google play store. The daily installs have settled at about 1000 installs - which seems to be stable since some weeks.

An interesting fact, I also mentioned above, is that the installs in germany and russia has dropped. The USA installs are increasing very slowly and now Germany and USA are the Top Countries.

At Amazon App Store, numbers are stable and ranging between 150-250 downloads per day - which is not quite bad!

While on Amazon there are much less reviews given by players, their reviews are more detailed about the game and gives me more insight of what people are thinking about my games - which is quite good for me, so I can improve things, people don't like. Thumbs up for that.

getjar is producing a little less downloads as amazon but still reaches around 60-170 per day.
And hey, I got 1 Like and 1 Comment on Robo Miner there ;-)

So, Robo Miner is also available on Samsung App Store - let's look how it is doing there. Remember, that on Samsug, you have to upload your app for many different devices, they offer - I still had no time to upload it for the other devices, so it is only available on the high end devices in Samsung App Store, while Robo Miner would currently be be also playable on the other devices they offer.

The downloads around 166 per WEEK but very steady. I am pretty sure, there would be more if I would maintain my uploads there a little bit better and get it ready for all the other devices... but I do not have so much time at the moment and it needs quite a bit of it - I would love, if I could just add multiple device-categories to ONE apk .. not sure, if i could, haven't tried very hard, but it does look like that I have to setup a complete new app (in their system) to maintain different classes of devices .. I have to investigate that in the future :-)

Well that's it with the numbers. There were not many updates in april for Robo Miner, so I am not sure, if that had any impact on the numbers. Thing is, in the next update there will be technically big changes, so I am aware of not devlivering a bugged or unbalanced version. I really hope, that people will like the next update with all the new blocks. I should be able to release it in march, so maybe in the next report I can write about it and if there was any impact in download numbers again.

I also joined some new services, which should give me more detailed and comparable data for the next report.

I hope you enjoyed reading this little post and you get some information out of it.

Cheers, Peter
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6 RESPONSES TO "Android Report 04/2012":
2012-06-30 01:26
What refresh rate did you find that gives you the most $'s?

answered by

That depends heavily on the type of app/game you display your ads - there is no general answer for this. For some a very high rate was good, for others a lower rated worked better.

For admob it is still not sure if they give you "better" ads .. so maybe it would be workng good, when using a high rate of 30-60 seconds but I am not sure about it and need to try that in the future
2012-05-15 18:30
Hey i was playing robo miner and i bought s fiamond scanner and went to where it was pointing but there was nothing there! I then cleared all the black on the mine and visually looked for it but it was no where...why????

answered by

The Scanner shows only the direction where the diamond is - it does not show any distance, only the direction
2012-05-14 17:31
I think you should do what tim said and just let this Robo Miner be and then bring out a new edition called Robo Miner 2 or Robo Miner - (random title fitting :P)
How long does it take for the lava update btw? you posted the video a long time ago so i wonder why it takes so long :( and when you do this robo miner 2 thing then pls make it possible to load the savegame of robo miner 1 :D

answered by

the lava update was just released ;-)
2012-05-10 10:58
Hi, Peter!
First of all sorry for my last critics, I won't hurt anyone- it's all my poor English.
I think it's time to think about Robo Miner 2/Robo Miner Seasons or whatever but new project: do not try to be featured on GPlay again with old Miner- make new project, based on Robo Miner, integrate promotion into first part and release new project. Take a look to the top: Angry Birds, Cut the Rope etc..- all of them forked new projects- same game mechanics, but new textures and little improvements (like Your Robo's new blocks)- and they got success. People who played Robo Miner and deinstalled it will not reinstall it again, but will install new part 2/seasons/whatever.

answered by

you didn't hurt me, I like critics. Angry Bords (and such) have one thing different: They have predefined levels and challenges. So, when they realease a new forks, they have many new levels maybe new birds. Robo Miner would still be the same. But I already have a great idea about a sequel in the future ;-)
2012-05-08 07:55
Thanks for the post, agree with David that the comparison among multiple markets is interesting. But why don't you post how much money you get from Robo Miner? and how long you have spent on developing this game, who did the art work for this game?


answered by

This website covers subjects for developers and customers as well - I don't find it appropriate to talk about income directly. Also I find it more useful to talk about plain numbers, to show devs what is possible. The revenue does differ so much from week to week that there is not many reason to talk about it.

The developing of Robo Miner is a steady work and I did every part on it by myself - it's hard to determine the time spent on it because I do it in my spare time at the moment - meanwhile there would be several months of work involved I guess.
2012-05-07 06:13
David Webb
Thanks for posting the updated figures. The comparison between different markets is quite interesting. I wonder if SlideME does better when there are frequent updates, but not so well for established apps?

Look forward to reading more updates as this progresses :)

answered by

SlideMe is quite interesting but not very transparent. I wonder what is the userbase of slideme - I believe their userbase contains of users who do not have google play installed or never recognized that it exist :-) It also seems that slideme downloads does not generate any relevant ad revenue .. but that's more a guess also.
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