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2012-04-05 13:27
Android Report 03/2012
Welcome to my Android Report of March 2012!

This month was again dominated by Robo Miner and I released another game: Sholik.

I did not do many marketing for Sholik which is a small little puzzle game and decided to see, what Sholik can do on its own - which was not very good, but that's what I've expected somehow :-)

As I said, Robo Miner was the real winner of March and throughout the whole month there was a raise in just everything. More installs, more, impressions, more players and more features :-)

I tried to stay with weekly updates, so players always get something new and fresh. Also I got so much mails from players which told me how much they like the game and I also got so much mails about suggestions of new features.

Here, I want to thank them all, because they really help me to make the game even better and - more important - they tell me any bugs, so I can react on them.

I've found some reviews of Robo Miner in the web and I really enjoyed reading them and made my own conclusion about it to eliminate any critics :-)

Also, Robo Miner was localized to german language - mainly because most of the current players are german so I had to contribute that.

Robo Miner has reached about 400.000 Installations (overall) since his release in March and the daily installs were raising every day. At the end of march, that trend stopped and is currently ranging.

There is still no big userbase in the USA and the installs are dominated by europe.

As I told you, my other games didn't change in their performance, I did some changes to Tablet Tower Defense because I got a nice contact to a player who pointed me out some errors. So here are the actuall install numbers for all of my bigger games:

Robo Miner: ~400.000
Tablet Tower Defense: ~3.000
Minesweeper: Unlimited! : ~1.500
Sholik: ~200

I will not mention any sales from my paid apps because the numbers are unsignificantly low :-)

The thing is different for advertising stats. Robo Miner is played very often and very long and also I got mails and messages from people who do not find the ads annoying, because they seem to be placed in a user friendly way.

Impressions: 8.5mio
Fillrate: ~99.73%
CTR: 2.99%
eCPM: 0.84

As you can see, Robo Miner has delivered nearly 10 million ads to his users. But there was some things, which are worth to mention for that month.

In the second week of march, there was a very huge drop in eCPM - something was wrong at admob I think and this state keeps on for around 7 days. After that it reverts to the "usual" for 1 week and get a huge boost at the end of march.

At the end of march there were really good ads out there, which resulted in a higher CTR - I really hope that there are more good ads in the future, because beside myself it is much more interesting for the players to get interesting ads.

Next place in this month was Tablet Tower Defense:

Impressions: ~20.000
Fillrate: ~99.85%
CTR: 1.59%
eCPM: 0.84

and Minesweeper: Unlimited!

Impressions: ~35.000
Fillrate: ~99.70%
CTR: 0.53%
eCPM: 0.28

Maybe you will find it interesting, that Minesweepers eCPM is very low. I believe, that is because the ads are hidden, when the game menu opens and are visible again, when the menu is closed. That will result in an ad rfreshment so the Impressions are to height and therefore resulting in a very low CTR and eCPM. I have to work on that to find a better solution.

My other games are not worth to mention, even when reactions to Sholik are very good - it is not very popular and reached only 5.000 Impressions in march. Maybe I find some time to do a little more promoting on it, because it seems, that people like it, it is fast and easy to play.

Another thing to mention is a comparison over the different stores - I currently use many of them and I will publish another article in the future with a more detailed insight in this subject.

What I can tell you over all is, that Robo Miner is only that sucessfull in the google play store - no other store is reaching that numbers. Not even nearly.
While daily installs was nearly at 10.000 in google play, every(!) other store hardly reaches 20-50 daily installs.

Robo Miner is now also available on the samsung store, but it is hard to keep it up to date there because it needs so much time. Same counts for amazon.
While slideme and getjar are very fast in updating the app, even there, the download numbers are not very high.

I am not sure if it is worth the massive extra work to maintain that much stores. Sure, samsung store is far more better, than I expected it to be and amazon has the true benefit of being able to delivier to Kindle devices.

Sadly, there are no detailled stats in amazon to find out how many users are actually using Kindle Devices and which are not, but whatever, I will consider this other stores in my future games :-)

That's it for that month, I am pretty sure, I haven't mentioned all things that happened throughout this month because there was so much work to do, but hopefully you get a little insight :-)
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10 RESPONSES TO "Android Report 03/2012":
2012-05-01 18:41
are you working on a multiplayer? if you are please hurry i cant wait

answered by

No I am actually not working directly on a multiplayer - I just collect ideas about it. Unfortunately that is technically very sophisticated
2012-04-28 15:10
Hi reiti,
i have some questions about your apps:
Are you only using AdMob or also other ads networks?
Do you (already) use AdMob Mediation?
To which alternative Markets have you published your apps? Success?

br :)

answered by

For Robo Miner, there is only admob involved, yes and currently I do not use mediation but maybe will try it out. I am not sure about the banner sizes, so it would be a little bit of try n error to find out i fear.
There is another article about different stores here on my website, just check it out it features all the stores I use for my games.
You may also stay tuned for the next report in some days - it was by far not as good at this month.
2012-04-19 03:22
Hehe yeah, happens in every business you get into :P

And it's always good to communicate feedback as long as we do it in a constructive, polite manner :)

answered by

I prefer being able to react on comments - like i can here, where I can't on play market :-(
2012-04-18 23:58
Oooohhhh I read tim's first comment wrong, I thought he said "All your games, like Robo Miner, are poor" - but he said "All your games, EXCEPT Robo Miner, are poor"

I still think that's a strong and even insulting comment about Reiti's other games, but that means Tim did acknowledge the success of Robo Miner. So I appologize for that tim, it was MY comment that was off-base, you do recognize the success of Robo Miner :P

There are many ways to express yourself though, you can do it politely or crudely. I understand language is a barrier, English isn't my language either, but when we all get together and speak one language, we are all subject to the subtleties of that language, so we should learn how to communicate nicely vs. rudely. :)

Reiti - yeah, that's really cool how one learns with every project, and gets to carry that to the new projects, isn't it? :) Oh, thanks for the article on the stores, I hadn't seen that one!

answered by

I like it, when people are honest - as long as they tell me reasons, I can improve - that's cheap learning, so I appreciate it.

I have to say, when you start out with android apps you will harden your skin. there are bad comments, there are sometimes people flaming without a reason. You have to stay calm - that could be hard for someone, but there is nothing you can do about it, they are still customers :-)
2012-04-18 03:51
Dude, tim, chill out man. You're not being constructive here by insulting his game.

If you're gonna give out advice, try to do it nicely.

Plus, Robo Miner is doing great, it's got 400.000 installs and 8 million impressions!! So even though you'd call out "poor game mechanics", people DO like the game, and they ARE downloading and playing it... a LOT! So your comment is actually off-base.

Again, nothing wrong with giving a bit of advice, just do it nicely and make sure it doesn't come off as insulting or aggressive.

As for Reiti, I think you're doing great man. Keep it up!! We're all on a path to educating ourselves in programming, game design, sound design, game art, etc.

And we all learn with every game! Robo Miner is having TONS of success, now just you wait and see what kinds of things you'll be doing in 6 months, 12 months, 24 months!! I'm sure they'll be AMAZING!! So just keep going in spite of critics, it's always MUCH easier to criticize than it is to create something yourself ;)

BTW I'm looking forward to that article on the different stores! :)

answered by

tims critics was mainly for my other games - nothing wrong with that, I didn't found it insulting in any way :-)
I had a very steep learning curve especially thru Robo Miner (and the amount of different devices which uses it) - that's definitely good for future releases.

there's already an article about the different stores: />
but I'll plan another one with more experiences of the last months
2012-04-17 19:27
Which engine did you for RoboMiner ?

AndEngine, Libgdx, Unity3D, your own Engine ?

answered by

I use libgdx
2012-04-14 18:52
spydroid! the Robo Miner has acceptable quality- that's why it brings adequate revenue. I'm encourage to develop algorithms etc, but buy some art to make new good product- R is coder, but not artist, so "jedem das seine".

answered by

that's right .. personally, I prefer gameplay instead of graphical quality, that's why I do not spend hours to make the best out of the graphics - but that#s also why you are right in concerns of getting an artist to do that work ;-)
2012-04-13 15:38
Weiß gar nicht was Tim hier zu meckern hat. Super Game, schöne Neuerungen und süchtig machend. Der Erfolg gibt Dir Recht. Und 7000$ an Werbeeinnahmen find ich auch nicht wenig.

answered by

Er meint damit meine anderen Spiele und damit hat er nicht unrecht, allerdings fehlt denen auch das Alleinstellungsmerkmal welches den Aufwand wirklich rechtfertigen würde :-) Dann lieber Robo Miner weiter entwickeln ;-)
2012-04-09 11:08
While you get luck in your hands- spend some money for an artist and get new bestseller. Compensate poor game mechanics whith cool graphics

answered by

i will consider that for sure
2012-04-09 11:03
Look for the truth: all your games, exept Robo Miner, are poor- poor graph, poor game mechanics, etc. Do you play it yourself? I think no.

answered by

Well, I really like to play my minesweeper game and also sholik, when I have to wait somewhere ;-)
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