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2012-03-06 21:56
Android Report 02/2012
Ok, here we are, with the report of February 2012.

This was truly the month of Robo Miner which performed awesome.

I liked the easy to play concept and even my girlfriend ist still playing it multiple times per day just because it is an addicting and funny concept where you can play for hours.

In February I was experiencing many things, that were completely new for me. One of them were the comments in android market for example. Not everyone wil llove your game and you have to accept that.

In February I decided not to try to get decent revenue from my other games, instead I decided to use them to advertise Robo Miner. That was a good idea because there were really some clicks on my House Ads which resulted in new players for Robo Miner.

In every free minute I was busy with enhancing the gameplay of Robo Miner, fixing bugs and implementing new features. Also tried out many stores, signed up in boards, looking up some behaviours.
In this month I learned very much about android, opengl and all of the stuff around it.
I tried many things, some of them were good, some failed, but overall people liked the game and were happy with the changes and the numbers were going upside steadily.

At the end of February I reached:

Impressions: 2.5mio
Fillrate: 100%
CTR: 2.16%
eCPM: 0.64

As you can see, there was an really huge increase of impressions. Robo Miner was downloaded nearly 150.000 times at this point. Most of the Impressions are still delivered by Robo Miner (nearly all of them).

You will also see a huge drop in the eCPM (compared with jan). That drop started right at the beginning of february and over the full month it was never over 0.77. I don't know the exact reason for that.

When I started using ads in my games I was going with the default values for refreshing the ads - maybe that was a bad decision because, this way I was getting many impressions but less clicks.

So I raised the refeshment on Robo Miner to the max (120 sec) and turned off ad refreshment on all my other games.

The eCPM get's more stabilized and I decided to stick with it.
At the end of the Month Robo Miner stabilized also the CTR which was at around 2.5% which is a quite legal value.

My other games are still not very popular and are not often downloaded.

Tablet Tower Defense was downloaded ~2000 times from the beginning on and Minesweeper: Unlimited! stays at around 1000.

I don't know if they will ever rise to an higher level .. also Tablet Tower Defense was pirated very heavily which doesn't help to make mainting very funny :-)

read more:

As long as I do not have any working DRM Mechanism I will not release any adfree/paid versions .. Minesweeper will be the test candidate to try out google licensing, so let's see how that will work.

Because I found, that Minesweeper: Unlimited! really is a good game I decided to put some House Ads in and see how the game will react on it .. As far as I can tell .. at the moment there was no great change in the download numbers.

Currently I am not displaying House Ads in Robo Miner.

Next month I will release another game - a simple one out of the puzzle genre.

Currently I do expect, that this new game will surely not be as sucessful as Robo Miner is .. but I don't want to stop developing and releasing new apps.

I have some more game prototypes ready for further development, but they will need much more effort to get them ready for releasing and currently I spend my low time on Robo Miner to satisfy the players :-)

Hope you enjoyed reading this report!
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3 RESPONSES TO "Android Report 02/2012":
2012-03-29 19:17
Very nice stats.
I've recently started learning Android development myself and you are a big inspiration. After reading this I downloaded Robo Miner and I love it.
Keep up the great work!
Looking forward to the next income report :-)

answered by

Thanks for your kind words. I am very happy, that people like Robo Miner - so it is fun to make it better and add more features to it. I've just released my next report :-)
2012-03-13 06:14
Jade Byfield
Hey Peter, big fan of your work man. I'm an indie Android developer and currently studying in miami. I font have any experience developing games as I do developing event based apps. My question is, can you recommend a good book for me to get started on making games? If you know of any, thanks!
2012-03-08 10:35
"...So I raised the refeshment on Robo Miner to the max and turned off ad refreshment on all my other games." Was ist das maximum ? die 12 sec. oder in die andere Richtung?

"...I don't know if they will ever rise to an higher level .. also Tablet Tower Defense was pirated very heavily" Was soll das hei├čen, und wie hast Du das rausgekriegt?

answered by

120 sec - right ;-) I have edited the post

I've also put up a small post about piracy, maybe you are interested in reading:
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