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2012-03-06 21:37
Android Report 01/2012
Hi Folks!

I just was reminded about doing a litllte bit of reporting about my experiences with android development.

For me it was a big help to read some reports from other people out there to keep things going and keep trying so maybe I should give something backand write my own reports about this subject.

This report here from Jan 2012 is a little bit late, but I decided it is part of the whole thing and I should start here.
I started developing for Android Devices back in December 2011 and released my first games in this order:

Tablet Tower Defense - Strategic Defense Game
Shape Masher - Fruit Ninja Style Game / Tap'em'up
Shapr - Match-3 Style Game like Jewelz
Minesweeper: Unlimited! - hexagonal Minesweeper

These games where released during December in 2011 and because I don't had any userbase or marketing basement at all - they were doing badly :-)

It could also be, that this games are just not good enough to get any noticeable attention, but to be honestm out there are many, many games which does not deserve the attention they are getting, so I got bad luck, because noone knows them.

There was no great action in december, so I just skip it and begin right with 2012.

In January I was ready with developing Robo Miner - which is doing really great at the moment, and also in january there was the first reasonable revenue.

Before Robo Miner, I was releasing always pairs of "free demo" and "paid full" versions of my games - that was a terrible decision and after the first days of Robo Miner i decided to switch all my demo versions to free full versions with advertisements in it.

And because the few sales which are done all over many different store it is very complicated to collect all the numbers and that's the reason why I will just report advertisement experiences. It seems to be the way to go even, when I don't know how long such an revenue will last.

For my first 5 Games I implemented some other ad networks as well with admob as backup - as I know for now: It was useless and so I will stick to admob in the future it is very steady with the numbers and the fillrate is nearly 100 percent .. so for me it is not worth the extra work to implement other ad networks. I like it simple :-)

Let's head to some numbers because everyone of you is hot to read it - hehe

As mentioned Robo Miner was released at 27th January and it started like a rocket - so most of the numbers was made by Robo Miner. I will not go into deep detail about that numbers because .. truely, I don't have the time for it currently :-)

Impressions: 54.093
Fill Rate: 94.24%
CTR: 2.04
eCPM: 1.17

Maybe I should describe these numbers because I decided to not show any further details about it.

The Fillrate is a little bit lower as it should be - that's because I just missed to activate google ads in the first place .. it happened with nearly every game which I was newly publishing with ads .. so that's it, normaly the Fillrate is really near 99%

I was not doing any House Ads in January and most of the Impressions were done by Robo Miner in just a few days.

I don't need to mention that at the end of this month I was really curious about the next month and was refreshing my stats whole the day :-)

You see - without Robo Miner, the Impressions would be around some 1000 and I really was not expecting, that Robo Miner would have this type of sucess.
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