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2012-03-06 20:40
Android Market becomes Google Play
Today I opened up the market to check how Robo Miner is doing and recognized, that something is different.

Woah! They renamed the Android Market to google play!

Ahm .. yes .. currently I do not know what that mean for the future .. and especially what it mean to links (and backlinks) to the original market ..

I don't like it, when big institutions start to rename well established websites / services. That's always chaotic.

But beside the official news about this change .. lat's think about the real reasons why google decided to change such a "big piece of the internet". I would be very interested in that and normally google is relatively honest in telling what they are doing .. it's something I like google for.

I am pretty sure, google wants to expand their business much further .. it seems that they are going for the movie and music industry as well. There are more and more media boxes out there which run on android.

It really looks like google will have a very big influence in the media market in the future and they are reacting to that with this new service "google play".

I really wish, I would know what I should do with all my links and if I should change them to the new domain or I should not and how google tracks backlinks now.

I find it a little bit chaotic - but let's see what the rest of the world is doing now, I am curious about it :-)

edit: After wondering about the now titles and names - some hours later a mail from google arrived, explaining the changes. So the links will still work .. ok, I guessed that already - but they didn't mention backlinks .. sure they didn't :-)
they are using a weird redirecting concept at the moment ..
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1 RESPONSES TO "Android Market becomes Google Play":
2012-05-28 08:31
Google pay is the new name for the android market. Yes android became Google pay. It has wonderful facilities with it actually. Really awesome.
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