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2014-04-07 22:06
XNA: When models are not rendered at other computers
Well, this is actually a funny one and cost me nearly a whole day of investigation.

The problem was that on several computers the lately released tech demo of Age Of Asteroids was not rendering several models. There was no error or such, the models just didn't get rendered.

Eventually I was able to reproduce this behaviour on on eof my machines so I could start digging deep in what was going on. Tried multiple things, put out more debug and logs but was not able to find the issue.

Later in the evening - i just wanted to give up - I've found out that this pronlem is only with the preparsed x-file models and only if they have a bigger amount of vertices inside it. That's an hint.

After a loooong search and try'n'error I stumbled upon a line of code, where I accidentaly multiplid the indizes count by 3 (instead of dividing) to get the actual face count (primitive count) which is used later for rendering.

Someone would believe that rendering too much primitives in a draw call would issue on error. well it did not. I also do not know why this only led to disappearing models on other machines than my dev machine. Maybe at the dev is a bigger range for actual primitive count and there was an overflow on the other machines resulting in negative primitive count.

BUt that was a not very productive day, issued by an fault I did months back :-)

Happy enough, beside that error, there are not so many errors in the tech demo - yeah!

Have a try, you can find it at to have a look at the now working demo
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