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2013-03-12 23:31
New Phone arrives tomorrow!
Time to switch my phone .. the S3 is a nice device, but after all it is a bit too big and actually .. it's not pretty.. Sorry, but I really don't find the S3 pretty .. it's actually ugly .. and a bit to big.

And because phone manufacturers tend to go even bigger and the S4 is still equally unpretty (actually looks exactly like the S3) it was time for me to switch the phone.

I just want a pretty phone with a max of 4.3 inches. For the sake of being a phone and not a small tablet - this is some type of boykot too.

My new phone will be a Motorola Razr .. just to see, but looks good, is well equipped, and the smallest device with a 4.3 inch display you can get. Actually it's equally sized like a xperia P (which has only a 4 inch screen) so this will be a very good decision, I will report about it in the future, but I am already happy for switching the big S3 to a more phone-like device.
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