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2012-12-01 01:35
Android Report Summary Preview
Nearly a year ago I started to code some games for android and also was publishing some Android income reports.

Some of you may miss the latest reports - well - that is because I had to do different projects to earn some money, pay for my living and such things, so there was no time to do any new games. Because of that there were no big change in the numbers .. so if you look at the latest android report - there is not many change per month.

Nevertheless - I will release some sort of yearly report of the last year, so someone could see what happened and what was around and such things. For the next year I plan to release some more games if there is some time for it, I'll also proceed with my PC Game "Rocks in Space" (working title) which had get a big rework of the engine and some other parts - it's some sort of my little baby :-) You may watch out for it, it will be pretty cool and will follow the roots of the game "K240" some of you may still know from Amiga 500 Times. Whatever - not to place to advertise it :-)

The yearly report will cover different problems I was facing during the year and also will look out for those things that worked and also that working not.

Watch out for that report, because it will clearly give out some information which would still be valid even after a year ;-)

See ya!
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