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2012-08-05 19:02
Android Report 07/2012
Time for the monthly report again, I know, that some of you already waited for it.

This report could be very long, because many things were done, so I will split the report into parts for every meaningful game and will write a bit to it. Because I do not log my experiences, it is possible that I miss something, hopyfully my memories are complete xD

Robo Miner

There were not that much changes in Robo Miner this time, I made some bugfixes and added the feature that users now are able to pick up pillars again.

In terms of advertising the month started like the last ended: very low :-) On 3rd of the month there was a high peak in revenue, due to high CPC - for whatever reason - after that CPC keeps low until the end of the month, were it suddenly raised again.

CTR: 2.46%
Impressions: 3 millions
CPM: 0.74

So nothing unusual beside the fact, that the CPC was low most of the time.

Minesweeper: Unlimited!

For this game I decided to make some fresh Teaser Graphics and made a contest at "a artist contest website" - I will not mention them directly because they tricked me with their referall programm xD

So I was very busy in looking over designs and giving modification instructions. I also was working to improve the game when time allows it. There were some issues with mopub, I have not investigated further, but have removed mopub again. houseads where not shoing correctly and sometimes there were no ads delivered. I just had no time to investigate it, so I removed mopub again from this game.

Currently that has not affected any advertising success - the game still has low downloads and low impressions. Stats (admob only!)

CTR: 0.44%
Impressions: 15.000
eCPM: 0.21

Personally I like this game and play it often, so I have to think, whaat is going wrong and how I could improve overall usage. It is not very popular.

Tablet Tower Defense:

Because of a comment which I liked I decided to do another update to this game. I improved speed, stability, added Scoreloop, improved Ad placement, fixed some bugs and some other things.

All this changes have reflected in a very slightly ad revenue increase but not really in number of downloads - so I have to wait a bit and see how it will work out in the future.

CTR: 0.73%
Impressions: 12.000
eCPM: 0.28

Maybe worth to mention, that the revenue of sales is nearly equal to add revenue.

Worm Puncher

Well, my latest game - where I still have not done very much marketing efforts - was doing not that bad. Overall trend is going upwards. There were no big changes it is still not the gold release - but I do not get very much feedback about it, so I need my own ideas to make it even more fun :-)

CTR: 1.45%
Impressions: 22.000
eCPM: 0.50

Worm Puncher is currently my 2nd best performing game, which I like - so it will be improved for sure.

Well, hope, you liked this report - cheers!
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