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2012-07-08 19:30
Android Report 06/2012
I am very late with the monthly report and also there was not much happening througghout that month.

I was very busy with different other projects, upgrading my working machine and stuff, do some learning on various topics while also coding on Worm Puncher and many more things.

As you see, as a serious developer you will be busy most of the time which is the whole point. Being successful ist not leaning back and wait for the money to come in. That's just not the way it works as long as you are not able to invest enough money to hire others who do that stuff for you.
But personally I struggle to find people with the needed competency most of the time so I tend to do everything on my own :-) Not the best approach to get rich :-)

Also I am in a hurry to invest some of my money to spare the taxiation as best as it is possible. (Big tip: get a decent tax expert!)

So well, right away we will start of with some numbers. As some of you will remember in the last post I have told that I have switched some of my games from admob only to mopub and now is the right time to look on it and how it does perform.

I switched 2 of my games to them (Minesweeper: Unlimited! and Sholik) which both has not very much impressions so there is not much what can go wrong.

I ended up to fill this ad space with a mix of mopub marketplace, admob, inmobi, jumptab, mobfox and tapit.

Most of the revenue is stilled made with admob because in relation to the other networks it just gathered the highest eCPM - i will exclude the mopub market (which has the highest priority) because it does not count clicks, but only revenue - not sure if they pay for impressions? Had no time to investigate that further yet :-)

After all admob was top candidate in fillrate and (after a large gap) revenue followed by mobfox (whereas mobfox have a better ecpm at the moment and I may re-priorisize the networks.

So with mobpub you clearly have more freedom to re-prorisize your networks dependend on current performance as long as you invest time to it. That way it is possible to get the best results out of it.

Just to make it clear, we are talking about ~10k impressions per month, so there is nothing to tell about resulting revenue, it is low and that's the end of it, I promise to work more on it xD

Let's go ahead with Robo Miner, which is still the best performing one of my games with around 100k impressions per day.

The start of the june period was not very promising because of my Impression vs. CTR Experiment in the first half of the month for around one week.

This resulted in a very High CTR but overall decrease in Clicks and therefore revenue. At the end there was no change in CPC, but maybe the testing period was just to short.

After the experiment the general CPC was going up, but it seems, that this was more a result of a generell raise than a result of the experiment, because some other devs experienced the same better CPC.

At the end of the month the CPC was fluctuating and had some really wierd jumps in the following month .. well, read about it in the next report ;-)

Also I implemented another feature to Robo Miner, where now it is possible to hide the ad for some minutes. That was also some sort experiment, where I was hoping to reach a better CTR because users get more attention to the ad.

As far as I can tell at the moment - nothing has changed :-) The CTR was very stable and so was the impressions count per day. This new feature was not documented in the release notes, but some have found it and liked it. But it seems not to have any influence by now.

Beside the game itself I built in some more advertisiing for the facebook fan page in Robo Miner, which has worked and we aim to 200 likes - which is not bad at all and gives me another opportunity to get in contact with the players and get some feedback about the game.

By the way, Robo Miner reached 500.000 downloads! And some players are digging in really deep mines (where phone memory becomes a problem). So if there is a sequel to Robo Miner the overall memory managment need to be changed completely.

It maybe interesting also that (as you will have seen already) I invested some of my time in writing more to my website and working with on-page advertising to see how that will perform.

One Part of making money is always diversification of the income streams. The income of those advertisements does pay off the hosting costs, so it gives you a little buffer. Maybe it's interesting for you that the most revenue was generated by my post about cutting the microsim for the Samsung Galaxy S3 which gots dozens of hits.

I've found some hits on my website using these keywords, so I put up an article and it resulted in some revenue. Therefore, always have a look on your analytics to find such opportunities.

I think, that's all for this month, it is a big article anyway and hopefully I do not have missed any big topic i promised before, if so, leave a comment to remind me ;-)
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