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2012-06-10 00:48
Samsung Galaxy S3 needs Micro-Sim
On thing I cannot really understand for the new Galaxy S3 is the fact that you cannot use a normal Sim-Card any more. They decided, that you have to get a micro-sim instead.

The reason for that is somehow a little bit unclear - because the S3 is (beside the Note) currently one of the biggest phones out there. So there is REALLY no need to force users to get a micro-sim.

Well, Samsung is trying so hard in designing different to get away from the iPhone (it seems) so that it is also hard to understand why the copy the micro-sim technique .. and also the white earphones xD

So, now anyway .. if you got one of these old normal sim-cards which samsung now finds not cool enough you don't need to be scared about it. After all the micro-sim is just a normal Sim-Card. To be honest it is just the golden chip, which is on the sim-card.

So if you get rid of some portions of that plastic around, you magically have a micro-sim and are then stated "cool enough" to use a Samsung Galaxy S3.

There are various tutorials all around the web with so much different techniques .. don't be scared it is really easy and you don't need more than a scissor for it.

The main action is: Cut out the golden chip. Do NOT cut INTO the chip (because it would be broken) - that's the only real rule - whatever happens do not cut into that chip, not slightly, not almost, not at all :-)

But (!) While that is true for 3 sides of the chip, you have to spare one side - the long side, the side where the most plastik is around and where the corner is cutted out.

Slide it into your phone and be happy.

Update: The S3 has a very special problem. Once you put your micro sim in the s3 slot it seems, that you cannot get it out again .. great xD

So if you are happy enough to cut your own micro sim - spare the edge oposite of the cutted corner edge. I mean the side which does stand out of the S3 Sim Slot. Just cut away a little bit so you can still fit the battery. With that piece left, you will be able to get your sim out again.

If you have a regular micro-sim .. sorry, it seems, you cannot get that out again easily. Blame Samsung :-)

So - please do not blame me if you cutted into the chip (the golden thing) and killed your sim - that's your fault, I told you multiple times.
If you feel not confident enough to use a scissor and cut out a well visible golden chip - don't do it, really.

I was watching the different tutorials you find on youtube and on the web and most of them are really to complicated. You just need to cut out the golden part and leaving some plastik on the other side.
And you also find some comments on that videos from people who were not able to use a scissor properly or maybe was not aware that it is crucial to not cut into the golden chip.

So that's the very important part: Whatever you do, do not cut the golden part :-)

The one small edge which is cutted away on a normal sim is the same edge on a micro-sim and is a cut at an angle of 45° - if you need it cutted away, just cut very close to the chip and you will be fine.

So hopefully this small instruction will give you the needed information in case you are too lazy to go out and buy a micro-sim (like me).

Happy cutting!
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3 RESPONSES TO "Samsung Galaxy S3 needs Micro-Sim":
2012-07-05 17:22
the sim slot has a spring which allows you to take it out quite easily , i have no issues removing my cut sim or my micro sim , just push it in further and the spring will shoot it out. if its squeezing in and getting stuck then you have not cut it properly, cut all the plastic away around the chip except the corner section, make sure you round the corners off, don't cut it sqaure, microsims have slightly rounded corner , not sharp

2012-06-26 10:41
naval deolekar
grt got perfect information

answered by

It is really easy to do. Just be careful if you got a sim with a big golden part on it, there are also sims out with much smaller golden part, there you have to try a bit until it fits.
2012-06-13 17:19
I was able to fit the microsim by cutting it but and the phone worked fine but now i want to remove the sim card and i am not able to do so.

answered by

That's a good point - it seems, that samsung has not thought about that also :-) I cannot imagine how they planned to remove a micro sim.
In case you are cutting it by yourself, you will be able to left more plastic on the one side, so can grab it out again. I am not sure if you can grab a micro sim out .. really no idea how that should work..

Also, the one cutted edge is inside the sim slot (which was the worst idea of the micro-sim inventors) so the regular plastik piece is always INSIDE the slot :-)

If you look carefully, that you will find that samsung was using a regular sized sim-cage in width and just made it 2mm to short to take a regular sim, so they blocked one side of the cage..

Really no idea what they thought about it - would be curious what samsung will tell me, when I open a support ticket because I am not able to remove my sim any more xD
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