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2012-07-30 14:06
omg .. the game is out for just some hours and the first bad rating is given because the game needs the READ_CONTACTS Permission.

Guys, this Permission is needed by the highscore system (scoreloop) - it's not the fault of the game.

If you are scared about that, just do not enable Scoreloop when asked to do so. If you do not enable Scoreloop your contacts are never accessed but you will also not be able to submit your score to the online score table.

So, your contacts are completely save.

Why does scoreloop need that permission?

Well, I do not know, why they NEED that permission, but they use your contact list to find out if your friends are using scoreloop when you decide to add your friends to your scoreloop account.
I wish they had made it optional, but they didn't, so PLEASE stop giving bad rating because of paranoia - nobody is reading your contacts as long as you do not accept it.

Update: I will release another update, without that permission, I found out, that this is possible, so in your flavour I'll remove the permission :-)
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