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2012-07-29 23:21
Update v1.3
Here we go, the update was just released!

From now on, your highscores are sent to scoreloop where you can compare it with your friends!

Before this update the playfield was optimized for the screen - so it differs in size for some devices. That is now gone.
So, if you find, that you cannot reach all cells of the playfield -> I am sorry, the game is made for 1280x800, will also work on 1280x720 (Samsung Galaxy S3) and should work on nearly every tablet out there (cannot proof every possible screen size).

Autosave is fixed, the game saves itself, so if the app is left or terminated or whatever, your playfield is saved, so you can always resume from where you left.

The ads in the free version where overlapping sometimes, so they were rearranged a bit, it should now feel really better.

If you missed to buy the adfree version in the last half year, you missed an opportunity, because Tablet Tower Defense Ad-Free has doubled in price - that is also because of the massiv piracy problem. So sorry for that, but the ad-supported version has all features, if you decide to not want to support the developer by buying the game :-)

This was a kinda BIG update in terms of coding, so PLEASE, if you find any error, send me a mail about it, so I can fix it.

Many people just give a bad review and too less information about the error, so I may not be able to fix it! If you report a bug (by mail!), it will be fixed very fast.

Some minor bugs were also fixed, but nothing special so far.

Hope you enjoy the game and have fun .. and at least: survive! ;-)
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