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2013-10-22 21:35
The Inner World
Another Adventure which popped up to me the other day in steam and even when it looked a bit .. childish .. I gave it a try.

Some years ago I played that Robot Adventure .. I lost the name in the moment. That one with the robot able to raise his head. Whatever - I liked it and it, so I gave "The Inner World" a try.

In the end, that money was well spent. The game entertained me pretty well. At the beginning it still feels a bit childisch but it grows up during playing and I can say it is a good adventure.

They say it will entertain you for about 14-18 hours .. this would be true if you go trough every dialog so - i would say it is legal to say it is about 10-18 hours gameplay. For the price, that's ok.

Recommendation from me - get it!
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