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2013-10-22 21:29
Spacebase DF9
I never heard about that and it is still early access - but I have to admit I am a fan of good 2D games - that is because in 2D, developers do care more for the game and less for the graphics. I can live with that pretty well

Some other proofs of that are games like Terraria, Gnomoria, Towns, etc .. all those games are 2D and - wow - they are entertaining and well made.

Back to topic. Spacebase DF9. I gave that a chance. It is early access, so I didn't expect too much, but was curious about what those guys are building there, so lets go.

First of all the game feels pretty pretty similar to the good old Theme Hospital .. like! It equlas it in mechanics and in look and feel. I have to say, I felt a little bit at home.

(recently I got Theme Hospital from and enjoyed it - unfortunately the graphics are not so pretty because the resolution cannot be changed)

In SpaceBase DF9 the Resolution is fine, it works and looks good enough for me.

The game itself let you build a space station in Space .. obviously. So you have some guys, primarely they need Life suport because they run out of oxygen in their space suits. So you built up some rooms, put some objects in there andf so forth.

From time to time, Visitors will arrive and maybe join your base. but it is also possible that you got raided by pirates and such things.

But well - this blog is not about a full review about the game. This blog is about telling you if the game is worth the money or if it is a fail. So, Spacebase DF9 looks funny, and I think it has potential to get a real good game. It is working and it is worth the money if you like such games. If you was a fan of Theme Hospital - you should support them immediatly :-)

So this is a thumb up!
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